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Star Gazer


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Stargazer, the dazzling 200-gram aerial firework, promises a celestial performance that will leave stargazers of all kinds in wonder. This captivating display features a mesmerizing quartet of colors, with each shot illuminating the night sky. Witness the enchanting spectacle as red stars burst into life alongside delicate white glitter. Then, green stars twinkle and shimmer, harmoniously paired with white glitter to create a breathtaking visual symphony. The show continues with blue stars casting their radiant glow, beautifully contrasted with white glitter. And as a grand finale, the sky is painted in a regal hue as purple stars take their place, leaving a trail of ethereal white glitter in their wake. Stargazer is a celestial voyage that brings the majesty of the night sky right before your eyes.


1. Red star and white glitter.

2. Green star and white glitter.

3. Blue star and white glitter.

4. Purple star and white glitter.

# of Shots: 16