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Borderline Fireworks Outlet offers 200 gram and 500 gram fireworks fountains which are both types of pyrotechnic displays that offer spectacular visuals and excitement. The difference lies in the amount of pyrotechnic material they contain, with 200 gram fountains being smaller and typically lasting for a shorter duration, while 500 gram fountains are larger and offer a longer and more elaborate display.

Both types of fountains can be used for a variety of occasions, from small backyard gatherings to large community events, and they are sure to add a wow factor to any celebration. Whether you are looking for a burst of color and excitement or a full-scale pyrotechnic extravaganza, 200 gram and 500 gram fireworks fountains are a great choice.

  • $16.99

    Princess Purse

     White glitter with red, blue, laser green, purple and gold raindrops; Snow pine, red, lemon and silver chrysanthemum; Titanium crackling with red,...

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  • $14.99


    Effects: Red titanium rain then red spark with white chrysanthemum; blue flame iron glower then red titanium rain then red; green; blue spark and s...

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  • $19.26

    1.21 Gigawatts

    Effects:1. Orange fish and silver rain2. Silver calyx canthus and red stars with white flowers and red stars3. Silver calyx canthus and green stars...

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  • $10.99

    Cat Fight

    This long-lasting fountain has some claws, with running sparks and pine needles punctuating the flying color and crackle.   Size: 5-15/16″ H x 3-15...

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  • from $2.62

    Cool 4 pack

    What happens when your cooler than cool? 2 COOL That’s right! This fountain is 2 cool for school! Flashing silver and gold showers changing to gold...

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    from $2.62
  • $21.01

    100 Foot Fountain

    An extraordinary combination fountain with 100-foot mine effects! Color & sparks are turbocharged with 3 eruptions of titanium crackling mines....

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  • from $1.37


    from $1.37
  • $4.99

    BC Gamma Fountain

    A loud, crackling fountain with radioactive colors and pine sparks.   Size: 7-4/5″ H x 3″ Ø Avg. Duration: 24 sec. Effects:1. Gold pine and orange ...

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  • $2.50

    #3 Golden Diamond Cone

    Gold showers with silver and gold stars that shoot 6 – 7 feet

  • $51.89

    Iron Maiden

    A blast furnace of sparks spews an endless stream of unique Iron Flower effects, forming a towering cauldron before a white-hot finale fills the ni...

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  • $49.95

    Quiet Riot 500 Gram Fountain

    Silent but deadly! Golden showers with red and blue stars. Changing to silver crackling with red and blue then silver flashing showers. Then a barr...

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  • from $0.63

    Screamin Willy

    Boy can Willy “scream”! Small silver “screamin” fountain

    from $0.63
  • $6.99


    Crackle-Check!  Great Color-Check!  Fast Action-Check!  Yep, this fountain has the whole kit and kaboodle. Effects:1. Gold palm tree2. Red titanium...

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  • $11.99

    Cuckoo/Killer Bee (4pk 2 each)

    Cuckoo-Killer Bee BC2014 is packed with BC2015 as BC2014-2 Cuckoo/Killer Bees. The Cuckoo fountain has been around for a long time and we’ve always...

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  • $25.99

    Waffle Cone Fountain

    Effects:Red, green and blue fish; blue lasers; 3 stage fountain; white fir flowers to red and green sparks, silver sizzles.

  • $13.99

    3 For 1 Fountains

    Effects:Blue Spider-Spider with yellow and blue sparkColor Medley-Silver chrysanthemum with purple and green sparkSilver Stars-Silver sparkle with ...

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  • $37.99

    Neon Lights

    Neon Lights brings the noise and bright lights of the big city to your backyard.  It’s a continuous barrage of crackle and color that will make you...

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  • $11.90

    Fish Crazy

    Luminescent darting fish start the festivities, followed by a geyser of colorful sparks and a crackle-fest finale.   Size: 8″ H x 3-1/2″ W x 3-1/2″...

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  • $9.11

    Moonshine Fountain

    Yee Haw! There’s nothin’ still about this 5 fountain-spinner combination! Silver, colors & crackles are distilled to knock your socks off. Afte...

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  • $14.99

    In Living Color

    Effects:1. Red, green, blue, yellow and purple fish2. White crackling flower with red sparks, red sparkling and crackling flower

  • $7.99

    Neighbor Hater

    1. Whistle2. Red star & crackle3. Green star & sparkle crackle

  • $18.99

    Frog Ftn

    Blue fish with silver powder; blue pistils with silver fountain; red green blue siizzling crackle plus strobe.