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STORE HOURS: Monday - Saturday 9AM - 8PM & Sunday 10AM - 8PM - All orders are paid upon pick up and must be picked up within 48 hours.


500 gram multi-effect cakes are a type of fireworks that offer a larger, more elaborate display compared to 200 gram cakes. These cakes contain more pyrotechnic material, allowing for a longer and more intense show of colorful sparks, crackling sounds, and impressive aerial effects. The larger size of 500 gram cakes also means that they can produce a wider variety of effects, including larger and brighter stars, longer-lasting crackles, and more elaborate comets.

Unlike 200 gram cakes, 500 gram cakes are typically better suited for larger events and can create a truly breathtaking display that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. So, if you're looking for a larger and more impactful pyrotechnic display for your next celebration, a 500 gram multi-effect cake firework might be just what you're looking for!