Winner 2013

Hello....I would love to tell everyone who has or has not been to the borderline fireworks that this is a great place to be getting your fireworks I stopped by on my way from Texas to California and checked out his place and may I say WOW when I walked into his place I was amazed to see the amount of products he carries as I walked around his place I seen more than I have ever seen in my life and the selection was out of this world and to my surprise the prices were outstanding I felt like I was a little kid again. I returned to my house in California and I had remembered of him saying to enter for the 1000.oo dollar give away so I entered the on line entry several times not thinking of ever winning anything I entered it several more times, low and behold not a week or so later I received an email stating to contact borderline fireworks, and I proceeded to contact them and I was informed I had one the 1000.00 dollar prize for the entry of his contest. When I arrived back to his business I was in awe he meet us at the door and shook my hand saying congratulations on my winnings we proceeded in picking out what we thought would be the best for our needs and it was real hard to decide with such a great selection so I'm here to say if you ever get the chance to go here by all means do so you won't be disappointed, THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT FIREWORKS 



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