Winner 2012

I've known Patrick for about three years now. I have to say he is the most honest and reliable businessman I have ever met. He has all the best fireworks and biggest selection at Borderline, and he knows his products!

Patrick's prices cannot be beat, between special sales and buy-one get-one free, this guy is the real deal and he’s open 24/7. The first time I went to Borderline I left feeling great and that I had made a new friend.

Everything that Patrick said would be awesome, actually was, and in most cases even better than he described them.

My most recent trip to see Patrick was a couple of days ago, when I won $1000 in free fireworks!!!

I was so shocked when I received the email, that I called him immediately! 
What an amazing experience! My father and I just stared at each other like “wow” where do we start? 
It's a long eight hour drive, but I definitely wouldn't go anywhere else, especially Phony Phantom or Mom and Pops Scam Shop!
Even if I didn’t win, my positive review would still be the same.

Patrick thank you again very much, this will be by far the best Fourth of July ever!                            
Jon Christopher

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