When you think of grand fireworks displays, that picture in your head is probably a Multi-Effect Aerial. With a single fuse you’ll launch a sequence of intricate aerial effects, including spinners, fish, flower bouquets, comets, rosettes, and more. Visit New Mexico Largest Fireworks Store!

We have many more items than are shown here!!

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61 Shot Clustering Cicada

Above and Beyond

After Midnight

Alien Adventure

Barrel of Bangs
Long Lasting

California Illegal

Cosmic Smash

Dirty Dancing in the Sky

Fire Frenzy

Flack Attack

Giant Twitter Glitter

Glory Daze

Greased Lightning

Hale Bopp Bursting Comet


Midnight Rider

Moon Chaser
Hot Item- The Best

Outa' Control

Pure Party
Hot Item- the best

Pyro Splash


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